Top 10 Australia - An OMG! Guide to Australia's Tourist Hotspots

Top 10 Australia – An OMG! Guide to Australia’s Tourist Hotspots

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Australia is a once in a lifetime destination that features on many people’s ‘bucket’ lists. It holds the kinds of fascination that means people will travel (literally) half way around the globe to see the wilds of the outback, the breathtaking beauty of the east coast and the grandeur of the Sydney harbour bridge. If you’re considering making the pilgrimage then here are the top ten tourist hotspots that you should make sure you don’t miss.

1. Sydney

This is a city that achieves the perfect balance between a bustling cosmopolitan centre and an outdoorsy coastal destination. From brunching by the beach after a morning surf, to climbing the harbour bridge, dining on elegant seafood at the restaurants of The Rocks and having a drink at the Opera House bar overlooking Sydney Harbour, there’s so much to see and do here that you might need at least a couple of weeks.

2. The Whitsundays

Whilst Australia has many beautiful beaches, there is nowhere quite like the Whitsundays. Here you will find sand so white and seas so blue they almost hurt your eyes. Swim with rays, laze on soft sands or simply sail around on a yacht – but beware, the Whitsundays is a paradise so rare that you may never want to leave.

3. The Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is a must see for anyone who likes a good beach. Surfing, sunbathing, BBQs and a laid back vibe is what you will find here, as well as fun theme parks, areas of beautiful national parkland and the bustling nightlife of Surfers Paradise.

4. Ayers Rock

It’s one of the best known landmarks in Australia and a trip to this part of the world just wouldn’t be complete without gazing upon it’s majestic beauty. See the biggest rock monolith in the world at sunrise or sunset and it’s a sight that you’re unlikely to ever forget. You can fly to Yulara, travel overground or even by rail to get to the Rock, which is about as far from any major Australian city as you can get!

5. Tasmania

Reminiscent of neighbouring (sort of) New Zealand and a destination with a fascinating history, Tasmania is an interesting and convenient place to visit. Learn about the island’s history as the biggest prison for British convicts, walk along incredible beaches, or simply stroll around cities like Hobart and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

6. The Blue Mountains

Not far from Sydney you will find the looming beauty of the Blue Mountains, a location so peaceful and soul soothing that stressed out city workers regularly come here to rest their minds. Climb the Giant Staircase in Katoomba and take the Scenic Railway, the world’s steepest railway line, or just sit and contemplate life in a rare moment of peace and quiet.

7. Melbourne

Although Melbourne usually lags behind Sydney when it comes to tourist attraction lists, the city has earned something of a reputation for being the capital’s cooler cousin. It’s an artsy, laid back city with a great coffeeshop culture where you might just taste the best flat white in the southern hemisphere…

8. The Outback – the Australian outback has become the stuff of legend and provides great contrast to the country’s bustling cities and long stretches of beach. Dry, arid and populated by kangaroos, emu, dingo and galahs, there are few places in the world like Tenant Creek, Coober Pedy and Broome.

9. The Great Barrier Reef

Whilst you might not be a snorkelling fan, this is such an incredible sight that it’s worth arranging a trip to see the world’s largest coral reef. Head for the northeast coast, to towns such as Cairns, Bowen and Heronsville – if you don’t fancy diving down to see the corals then you can take to the air or hire a glass bottomed boat.

10. Daintree village

This thickly forested spot in northern Queensland may not be the best known of Australia’s tourist destinations but it is certainly worth a visit if you want to see what Australia was like in days gone by. Head out for a spot of ‘crocodile hunting,’ see historical rock paintings and take an aboriginal tour to learn about a part of Australia’s heritage that is often ignored.

There’s so much to see and do in a country as large and diverse as Australia that it’s hard to condense it down into just 10 attractions. However, these make for a great starting point for exploring and will provide you with great photo fodder for the folks back home!


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