Tenerife Weather

Tenerife Weather

Welcome to the OMG! Holidays section for the weather in Tenerife.

Whether you are visiting Tenerife for a holiday or on business, we hope you find our Tenerife weather forecast useful.

The Island of Tenerife, is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Europeans, and for good reason, with a choice of hotels and also Tenerife villa holidays from various tour operators.

An advantage of a villa holiday is that you often get your own pool and are not tied to one establishment for meals – and villa holidays aren’t always more expensive than hotels and can be a great way to enjoy the weather in Tenerife.

There are festivals, great food, wonderful beaches and many other attractions for visitors to enjoy, with many of the Tenerife hotels close to the sea.

One of the biggest attractions for people taking Tenerife holidays is to be found in the steadiness and dependability of the Tenerife weather.

The climate is a good one – and reliable – and this is very important to those not wishing to worry about their holidays in Tenerife being spent entirely indoors due to poor weather.

In fact most of the tourists visiting the island are probably trying to get away from the winter snow and fog back home in the UK and Germany, and looking at a Tenerife map you can see plenty of holiday resorts ready to accommodate them.

When the Tenerife weather forcast is for sunshine all day long in the winter months while else where in the UK for example it’s close to zero centigrade it’s easy to see why it’s tempting for those looking at the weather in Tenerife who are deciding on a last minute winter holiday.

A Tenerife weather forecast can be a lure to tourists all year round, not just when the thermometer drops in other parts of Europe. Whatever the reason and season for your Tenerife holiday we hope the weather stays good for you!

If you’re considering a holiday, there are plenty of airlines with cheap Tenerife flights to take you to an island known for her good weather.