Tenerife Villas

Tenerife Villas

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Tenerife villa holidays are popular for those who visit the island – sometimes tourists think the cost will be prohibitive but companies like James Villas often have a great choice at affordable prices. Compared to staying in a hotel it often works out the same, but those who do opt for self catering have the added luxury of a private pool and more peace and quiet.

Tenerife offers such a wide variety of attractions and historic beauty that it appeals to tourists of all ages. With more than a hundred attractions, such as theme parks, local diving, parks and zoos, there’s something for everyone and is great for families.

Accommodation in Tenerife is plentiful. Many resorts and hotels offer luxury accommodation at very reasonable prices. When planning your holiday, look for Tenerife hotels that offer a guaranteed monetary rate so exchange rate fluctuations won’t have a detrimental impact on your holiday. Most hotels and resorts offer a wide array of special amenities to suit your needs. Where one may offer activities for children, another may offer a more adult atmosphere. Shop around to find the best accommodation to fit your requirements.

Hotels and resorts on the island aren’t the only accommodation available. Privately owned self-catering townhomes, Tenerife villas and farm cottages are readily available for those looking for a more private venue.

When searching on the internet the term Tenerife villa holidays will give a choice of companies who have availability.

Many privately owned Tenerife villas are booked up to a year in advance. These villas and townhomes are perfect for larger vacationing parties, such as extended families or groups. All privately owned rentals are self-catering – the renter is provided with lodging and cooking facilities, but not meals. But that is often the attraction for those who like their Tenerife villa holidays as they can pick and choose whether to dine at home or one of the local restaurants.

Renting a privately owned house offers much more privacy than an apartment in a hotel or resort. This fact makes privately owned Tenerife villas very sought after for honeymooning couples. Families who wish to make the most of their vacation also find that renting and having villa holidays in Tenerife offers more flexibility. The properties are generally farther away from the hustle and bustle of towns, so purchasing grocery items to cook and eat-in is a much more viable option. Although the beaches are in walking distance or just a short drive away, most Tenerife holiday villas have private pools.

You don’t have to go into renting a villa or townhome blindly. Many websites offer detailed photos for their Tenerife villa holidays and sometimes virtual tours so you won’t be surprised when you arrive, and they usually have a Tenerife map to show you where it is on the island.

Rentals often offer a better price than resorts or hotels simply because of their location and the fact that they are privately owned.

Many property owners do not require large deposits like some resort booking companies. Townhomes are often located in larger, more populated towns, so they tend to be the more expensive of the private properties. Although slightly more expensive than villas or farm cottages, townhomes offer the convenience of a central location.

The properties used for Tenerife villa holidays are usually more remote and can often be less expensive rentals for larger families or groups. Most are equal to single-family homes. Most offer two or three bedrooms that accommodate four to six people. Some larger properties even sleep 12 or more people comfortably.

Due to location during villa holidays in Tenerife, you may require a rental car or rely on taxis to get you back and forth to local attractions. Some hillside Tenerife villa holiday units offer amazing views of the surrounding countryside or sea. While some are newer and include the luxury of a private swimming pool, others may have a more historic appeal.

If your holiday goal is to learn more about the culture of Tenerife and ultimate privacy, you may consider a farm cottage rental, instead of traditional Tenerife villa holidays.

Rural Tenerife offers beautiful rolling hills, meadows and farm land and the Tenerife weather is just as good as the coastal areas.

Renting a farm cottage gives you the opportunity to experience real life on Tenerife. The farm cottages are smaller and more remote – you will definitely need to hire a car.

The good news is that most Tenerife villa holidays companies have car hire as an option and they can make for all inclusive Tenerife holidays

So if you do decide to go the all inclusive route you can have the property, car hire and Tenerife flights all included. You can always ask the company you book with if you have any questions you feel might need answering before you set off, and they often have a rep at the airport to greet you with the keys, to ensure Tenerife villa holidays get off to a good start.

All in all if you haven’t tried it before, it’s certainly worth considering villa holidays, and there are plenty of people who return year after year to the same property for their holidays in Tenerife. eHolidayCollection.com have a good selection of villas in Tenerife and can advise on the best locations, car hire options etc

The island is one of the Canary islands and as well as villa holidays in Tenerife equally popular are Lanzarote villa holidays and villa holidays in Gran Canaria

All three islands make for a great break in the winter as well as the summer, and thanks to the weather and climate being so good all year round people often visit twice a year.

Whether this will be your first or tenth time you are considering Tenerife villa holidays, we hope you enjoy your visit.