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Tenerife Map

Tenerife Map

Welcome to the OMG! Holidays section for a map of Tenerife

Whether you need a Tenerife map for a holiday or for business, we hope you find our map of Tenerife useful.

Tenerife Map

Map of Spain by Tourizm Maps © 2006

Tenerife is an island that is a favourite holidays destination for many Europeans, and a Tenerife map is a helpful guide for many when deciding upon which town or village to stay in during holidays in Tenerife

Looking at a Tenerife it’s easy to see that nowhere is really very far from the two airports, and most villages and main towns are easy to find if you’re hiring a car.
Nearly all car hire companies on the island will include a map of Tenerife.

Once you get to know the island, a Tenerife map will become redundant as it’s pretty easy to find places such as the golf courses and other leisure facilities, but in the meantime we hope our map of Tenerife is helpful during your visit to the island.