Cheap flights to North Cyprus

Cheap flights to North Cyprus

When booking a trip to North Cyprus, bear in mind that flights of any kind to the island are subject to a United Nations requirement to stop at Turkey en-route. Cheap flights to North Cyprus are no different so be prepared for a stop over in Turkey, wherever it is you are planning to fly from.  Although it may sound annoying, the stopover is really not much of a hassle – passengers stay on the aircraft and the stop tends to last only an hour.

It is also worth bearing in mind that many of the “cheap North Cyprus flights” actually land in South Cyprus, usually at Larnaca airport. This means that you need to arrange a transfer to your accommodation (and back at the end of the trip) and if you’re not buying a package deal that can be costly.  It can also be extremely long, which is often the last thing you want when you’re desperate to get on the beach or desperate to get back home.  If you can handle the extra journey time and you can find cheap transport from Larnaca then there are deals to be had.  If not, Ercan is international airport that serves North Cyprus and should be your destination.

Cheap flights to North Cyprus via Turkey are available from most European destinations.  There are more than 90 flights a week arriving at Ercan airport during the summer so there’s no shortage of options. Most flights to North Cyprus will make their stop off in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana or Antalya.

Prices often start at around £150 low season and just below £300 high season but you can find special deals by shopping around, especially on the Internet.  It is best to book early, as the lower fares that are offered tend to sell out quickly.

If you want to buy your ticket direct from the airlines then you need to do plenty of research, as the companies operating on this route do tend to change yearly.  Carriers who have provided flights in the past and/or look likely to provide cheap flights in the future include: Pegasus who fly to North Cyprus and run a daily service from Stanstead and Manchester and Turkish Airlines who use their low cost subsidiary Anadolujet for flights to North Cyprus and offer particularly competitive fares.  Other operators include Onur Air, which runs a charter service from Manchester to Ercan and Atlasjet with flies from Birmingham, Gatwick, Manchester and Stanstead.