Cheap Majorca Holiday Deals

Majorca Holidays

Some say the water in Majorca don’t taste like wot it ought ‘ter. We say… who cares?

Holidays in Majorca mean some serious fun in the sun. This island is the dog’s Balearics thanks its stacks of lively resorts, masses of beautiful sun-baked beaches, gorgeous grub (and, of course, the good ol’ full-English breakfast if that’s what you fancy) and a nightlife that’s nothing short of legen – wait for it – dary. This fun-packed sunshine island is just a couple of hours’ flight from the UK and we got scores of great Majorca holiday deals so your credit card can chill out too. Grab your shades, swimmers and best party gear  – we’re off to Majorca!

Majorca’s Bang-Tidy Beaches

Majorca is stuffed with so many fantastic beaches that you could take holidays to Majorca for the next twenty years and still not enjoy them all. Families with kids can grab a cheap Majorca holiday deal on the north coast, and head for the talcum-powder sands of Alcudia and Puerta Polensa where the sea’s so shallow the kids’ll think they’re in a vast warm paddling pool.

Beach-mad blokes and babes who fancy messing around on jet-skis and inflatable bananas when they’re not sizzling on the sand should head over to the beaches of Magaluf, Palma Nova and Santa Ponsa on the south-west coast. These three happening resorts are famed for fun and chillaxing in equal measure and a great for couples, families and groups looking for pure Majorca holiday hedonism.

Smoochy loved-up couples might prefer the romance and glamour of the Cala D’or on the lower eastern coast of the island. This area really is a treasure trove (the name means ‘Cove of Gold’) packed with small golden beaches – find your way to some of the more remote ones and you can get your kit off for the ultimate all-over tan (careful now)!

Take chillouts to a new level, away from the Mediterranean malarkey of the lively resorts and beaches by bagging yourself a cheap Majorca holiday to the wide bay of Camp de Mar where you can recline on your sun-lounger with a bottle of San Miguel or a cold Sangria and be soothed into gentle oblivion as you gaze at the beauty of Majorca’s pine-forested hills and enchanting sea coves.

Great stuff to do in Majorca  

We give you fab sandy beaches, warm turquoise sea and blazing sunshine and you want more? Jeez! Luckily for you, there’s more to holidays in Majorca than slowly crisping yourself on the beach. Cool down by chucking yourself down the high slides at the ace Western Water Park at Magalluf, make the kids happy with a trip to see dolphins and other cute animals at Marineland in Calvia, recover from that sunburn/hangover combination by going underground at the Caves of the Dragon in Porto Cristo. If you’re sporty or a keep-fit freak, Majorca has plenty of golf course (and who doesn’t like to play a round on holiday? Badum-tish!) as well as lots of walking and cycling trails through luvverly scenery. There’s even heaps of cultural stuff to do if that’s your bag, ranging from botanical gardens (at Soller), plentiful medieval architecture in the shape of cathedrals, castles and monasteries (Palma’s a good place for this kind of thing) and museums galore. Then, of course, there’s the numerous island tours, catamaran cruises, dive schools, riding stables, shopping arcades, fishing trips, theme parks… do we need to go on? Let’s face it, you’re not going to get bored on a holiday to Majorca.

Majorca’s Hottest Resorts

Party animals and clubbers will want to check out the choons in Magaluf and Palma Nova where nights come to life along the neon-lit strips and you can dance like a mad thing, cheap cocktail and partner of your choice in hand, until the sun comes up. These two resorts alone give the best of Ibiza a run for its money, plus you get awesome beaches and more daytime entertainment than you can shake a stick at.

Five miles long, Alcudia beach is one of Majorca’s longest stretches of sand so it’s the tops for tanning, but the quaint town itself offers shedloads of things to see and do, has a host of buzzing bars and restaurants and there’s a few clubs here too, so Alcudia really is a resort for everyone.

Cala Bona is the resort for you if you need a total chill out if fine style. Low key and sophisticated this upscale fishing village gives you fine restaurants, a great beach, loads of water sports and some cracking scenery, which is obviously best admired at sunset from one of Cala Bona’s fancy cocktail bars.

Puerto Pollensa is Majorca’s eye-candy – it’s all dramatically sweeping mountains, curving sandy bays and calm blue seas. Great fun for families and intimately romantic for couples, palm-lined Puerto Pollensa makes for especially memorable Majorca holidays.

If you’re out to impress someone special or just want to indulge yourself, Cala d’or will spoil you rotten. Exclusive beaches, chic shopping, marinas full of flashy yachts – this is where the big nobs hang out (and we’re not just talking about the nudist beaches here either). But whatever kind of holidays to Majorca you have in mind, you can bet there’s a Majorca holiday deal to a resort that’s spot on for you.