Flights to Lanzarote

Flights to Lanzarote

There’s some really good deals for Lanzarote flights at the moment, and the good news for those looking for cheap flights to Lanzarote is that the top travel companies are competing to give the best deals possible.

They often have exactly the same airline and departure airport but at different prices to make sure you get the best deal possible check out the reliable companies below and you could save substantially allowing you more money for your Lanzarote holidays.

Welcome to our flights section, with what we hope will be some useful information about Arrecife Airport, and cheap flights to Lanzarote.

The code for Arrecife Airport when searching for a flight to Lanzarote is easy to remember – ACE

The flight time for Lanzarote from London is 4 hours, and there are some Lanzarote hotels close by if you arrive in the early hours of the morning.

The airport details are:

Arrecife Airport
Apartado de Correos 86

Telephone: +34 928 846 000

Cheap Lanzarote flights are now available with various airlines who have both scheduled and chartered, and some really good deals are available at most times of the year to Arrecife Airport – we’ve seen deals at £80 return for Lanzarote flights.

Sometimes it means flying out on one airline, and flying back with another to get the best deal  but as long as you are taking off and returning from the same airport that’s fine all the flights to Lanzarote land at the islandâ’s Arrecife Airport, and is where Lanzarote holidays start from.

Expedia will give you quotes for both direct and having to change plane. But as well as checking their resource, companies such as Thomson holidays, First Choice and Thomas Cook often have fantastic deals for a cheap Lanzarote flight. We’ve seen them from £25 one way before. So to get the best deal check all these companies for what they have available.

The flight times are:

please note that the time include an allowance for 15 minutes taxiing. It takes almost twice as long compared to those taking Majorca flights to fly to the island but you’ll find it’s worth the extra time when you arrive!

Location: Travel Time: Distance:
Stockholm 5 hours 8 minutes 2243 miles
Bournemouth 3 hours 19 minutes 1414 miles
Bristol 3 hours 22 minutes 1432 miles
Dublin 3 hours 31 minutes 1503 miles
Glasgow 3 hours 52 minutes 1662 miles
London Gatwick 3 hours 26 minutes 1462 miles
Manchester 3 hours 37 minutes 1547 miles
Berlin 4 hours 16 minutes 1849 miles

These times are accurate, but can vary depending upon whether airlines decide to reduce or increase the cruising speed of their Lanzarote flights.

Many holiday companies offer low airfares for tourists to enjoy the glorious Lanzarote weather while regular scheduled flights are available with Iberia, Monarch and easyJet among others.

The island uses the Euro. Credit and debit cards are widely accepted. Some establishments accept Sterling, but they often give a poor rate of exchange. Banks will exchange Sterling for Euros, and the main towns – see our glorious Lanzarote map – have foreign exchange bureaus.


Spanish, English and German are widely understood and spoken in Lanzarote, and a cheap flight to Lanzarote is normally available with British, German and Spanish airlines, and most operate out of regional airports as well as their respective capital cities.

Island Accommodation

Just because you’ve opted for a cheap Lanzarote flight, it doesn’t mean you can’t opt for great hotels and villa holidays with some of the deals on offer from Thomas Cook and Thomson you can get really good hotels at good prices.

And Lanzarote villa holidays aren’t always expensive. For a lot of people renting a villa means big money  but if there’s a group of people or family who are going to take two or more rooms at a hotel a villa can often cost the same and you have the advantage of a private pool.

One well known company who offer this is James Villas among others, and they often have a good choice in areas like Playa Blanca.

How does the island compare for price compared to for example Majorca holidays and other popular areas of Europe?

Given that it’s quite a long flight from the UK it’s surprising perhaps that the costs aren’t a lot more but the weather is better certainly and worth paying a little more if you like the sunshine, especially during the winter months.

With plenty of airlines offering services not just from the main airports like Gatwick but regional too, getting a cheap flight to Lanzarote is quite possible throughout the year.