Ski Insurance

Ski Insurance

If you’re planning a ski or snowboarding holiday it pays to make sure you have adequate ski insurance to cover yourself and your equipment should you need medical assistant while on the slopes.

Accidents happen and it’s well know that while exciting and hugely enjoyable, skiing and snowboarding holidays carry a greater risk of injury than other types of holidays, that’s why ski travel insurance is so important for you and your family, regardless of your level of ski experience.

When taking out ski insurance be sure to take a policy which covers you for every eventuality. Whether you’re an expert or beginner skier it’s a good idea to check your ski holiday travel insurance covers both on-piste and off-piste skiing. It’s also worth checking your insurance policy covers you for mountain rescue and recovery, again regardless of the level of ski slopes you plan to be taking on.

If you’re planning on working in a ski resort for a season you’ll need ski travel insurance for the duration of your stay. Insure and go have a winter sports ski insurance policy which is ideal for seasonaires.

Because of the greater risk of injury and the high value of ski equipment, ski insurance is typically more expensive than normal holiday travel insurance. Don’t let this put you off or try to cut corners with our ski holiday insurance policy. Make sure you’ve got the cover you need and your ski holidays will even more enjoyable.

We recommend a number of travel insurance companies who offer winter sports policies which cover you when on the slopes: