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The OMG! Holidays Guide to Greece

What’s a Greek Urn? Not a lot, but at least they don’t pay any taxes. Ba-boom! The Greek economy might have had its ups and downs but that doesn’t mean that Greece isn’t still a fabulous place to visit. Whether your ambition is to visit ancient Greek ruins or get ruined on Ouzo in ancient Greek tavernas, go nightclub bopping or island-hopping, feel the heat in Crete, make tracks to Rhodes or simply slap on the oil and hit some of the tastiest beach resorts in Europe make no mistake: with so many cheap Greece holidays on offer at the moment, Greece really is the word.

Beach life Greece-style

If you want to tan yourself browner than a doner kebab, grab yourself a holiday to Greece; with almost 14,000 kilometres of coastline, Greece has more sizzling sands than Demis Roussos (ask your mum) has had hot dinners. That’s because as well as a big chunk of mainland, Greece also has more than a hundred inhabited islands; enough to keep dedicated beach bums coming back for Greece holidays for years.

We’d fill up the internet if we tried to list every great Greek beach, but here are some of the hottest sand traps in the Aegean, featuring a bit of something to please everyone…

The small island of Skiathos has – wait for it – sixty beaches for your pleasure, all of them featuring shimmering blue waters, talcum-powder sands and plenty of water sports to keep you amused. Old romantics should make for Kamari Beach on Santorini – a great beach to crash on and watch one of the most famous sunsets in the world.

Those who want to tan everything including their wobbly and dangly bits will love Red Beach on Crete; drop your swimmers and your inhibitions and join the hedonistic crowd on one of Greece’s best nudist beaches. If you want to soak up the sun in peace on a relatively deserted but lovely stretch of sand it’s got to be Panormos Beach on Mykonos. Don’t confuse it with Paradise Beach on the same island though – this is one of the wildest party beaches in Greece; we’re talking round the clock music, dancing and craic, and you’ll never find yourself –ahem- thirsty here…

But if nothing else, Greece is famed for its outstanding natural beauty, so wherever you are you’re not going to have to look too hard to find your own perfect and perfectly gorgeous Greek beach.

Awesome Activities in Greece

The thing about Greece is its eye-boggling beauty; it’s all sweeping golden beaches and clear seas, pine-forested hillsides and dazzling white buildings, olive groves and ancient ruins. If you’re a budding Indiana Jones, Greece’s archaeological sites are unmissable from the truly gobsmacking Acropolis and Parthenon which dominate the city of Athens to the stunning village of Delphi on the slopes of Mount Parnassus. Masses of Greek beaches means masses of water sports, but there’s more to skimming the warm seas on a jetski; Greece offers plenty of scuba and snorkelling opportunities as well as island cruises, fishing trips and even cave exploration by boat.

Clubbers and all-round party animals won’t be disappointed; Greece has resorts that easily rival anything offered by Ibiza. If the great outdoors is your thing, grab a camera and head somewhere like Lake Plastira in Karditsa for a spot of canoeing on the lake, or rambling or horse-riding through the rich oak and chestnut forests that surround it. If you don’t mind the prospect of a bear behind, take a hike in the spectacular Vikos Aoos National Park; it’s a bit like a smaller, greener version of the Grand Canyon where wild boar and bears roam (and have been known to scoff farm animals).

And if you can’t resist flexing the credit card on a shopping trip, Greece’s big cities such as Athens – the capital, Thessaloniki and Patra have all of the shops, bars, restaurants and entertainment you can handle.

There’s a Brilliant Greek Resort for everyone

We’re not kidding; you’re so spoilt for choice when it comes to fab Greek holiday resorts that it’s tricky to know where to start. For that super-smoochy honeymoon, how about the soft, dark sandy beaches of the volcanic island Santorini. Here popular sun-kissed resorts such as Kamari and Perissa teem with traditional tavernas and restaurants, and when you’re not chilling-out (or baking) on the beach you can admire Santorini’s natural beauty and fabled sunsets. If you want to have it large and party down with the best of them, head to Rhodes. Both Faliraki and nearby Rhodes Town have reputations for nightlife and hedonism to rival Ibiza, with every clubber’s musical appetite to cater for and, of course, gorgeous beaches to crash out on when sleep finally beckons.

Everybody loves Corfu because it’s such a great all-rounder: loads of beaches, modern resorts such as Kavos and Sidari and sleepy fishing villages, history, wildlife, sun, sand, beaches and nightlife – what else d’ya need? If you’re looking for holidays in Greece that the kids will love, Halkidiki hits the spot. Calm seas, old-fashioned charm, and plenty to see and do make resorts such as Kalithea and Kriopigi fun for all the family. Kos is an island of split personality: the chilled sophistication of Kos Town versus the buzzing hedonistic nightlife of Kardamena.

Fish and chips and a Pint of Guinness one night, dolmades and tzatziki with a glass of retsina the next – if you want to dip your toe into Greece’s charms without letting go of a few British home comforts, Kos is probably a good place to start. Thassos is the island for ultra-relaxation; the pace of life here runs at two speeds: slow and stop. Sink into the sand at the aptly named Golden Beach and you can just forget your cares and recharge your batteries. Or potter about the winding streets of traditional Potos if you like. Sure there are adrenalin thrills to be had on Thassos if you’re that way inclined, but sometimes it’s just better to chill out…

You get the idea. What makes Greece so superb is the sheer number of different resorts to discover and the huge availability of cheap Greece holidays, which mean that you can keep going back for fantastic holidays in Greece year after year.