Villa Holidays In Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria Villas

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With fantastic beaches and the great Gran Canaria weather it’s little wonder that the island is popular for those who like their independence while on holiday and opt for villa holidays in Gran Canaria as opposed to traditional hotel ones.

There’s a good choice of both privately rented units available, and also ones through leading specialist companies like James who have villa holidays available.

Prices can be surprisingly good when compared to traditional hotels, for example taking a Gran Canaria villa holiday in June can work out as little as £150 a person for accommodation – and nearly always this will include a private swimming pool – essential for many on their Gran Canaria holidays

Flights can still be booked independently to ensure that the overall cost doesn’t go up, but even when booking the Gran Canaria flights at the same time the cost comes out at £331.

There’s a whole range of areas on the island that offer Gran Canaria villa holidays, a lot are within easy reach of the sea while a few are inland for those who prefer to see the traditional side of life.

Looking at a Gran Canaria map there is perhaps one area that stands out as good for family Gran Canaria villas – Puerto Rico.

It’s on the southern side of the island and has two good beaches for those who like a beach vacation, with a good choice of restaurants, supermarkets and shops – ideal for those who like to go self catering – and even though the Gran Canaria villas usually come with their own pool often a trip to the beach to enjoy the Gran Canaria weather is just too tempting.

There are other areas popular too for Gran Canaria villa holidays, and whichever resort you choose we hope you enjoy your time on the island – and if like many people you enjoy it so much you might find that villa holidays in Gran Canaria become a regular date in your calendar.