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Gran Canaria Holidays

Shaped like the sun itself, Gran Canaria sits in the Atlantic Ocean off the northwestern coast of Africa. Part of the Canary Islands, Gran Canaria offers seaside resorts, and inviting sandy beaches in concert with a mountainous interior.

Combined, the island’ offers soothing sunbathing, a wealth of water sports, high-adventure hiking, and more. Like a master composer, Gran Canaria plays its beautiful island arias to suit all kinds of tourists who enjoy their holidays in Gran Canaria

Occupying centre position in the Canary Islands, Gran Canaria has a south coast awash with popular beaches. Inland, the island presents a different side of its character to tourists. Here, they can negotiate the plentiful craters, highlands, gorges, pine forests, cacti, and the like which is so beloved by many people who have been on Gran Canaria holidays before.

The island’s interiors, and great walking trails, are to hiking what her gorgeous seaside resorts are to swimming. In addition, whitewashed cottages grace the seaside cliffs, and the inland mountainous regions.

When planning a holiday to Gran Canaria, consider the characteristics of its diverse regions. Whether you’re looking for a luxury resort, apartment, or a self-catering holiday, the island accommodates your needs and a good Gran Canaria map will show the different areas. It also offers you the opportunity to enjoy a bustling, high-energy vacation, or a more casual, relaxed Gran Canaria holiday. Here’s an insight into the popular areas:

Puerto Mogan

Puerto Mogan is perhaps not one of the best known areas for holidays in Gran Canaria, but if you’re after a relaxed time in a great village it should certainly be taken into consideration. Looking at a map of Gran Canaria it rests at the mouth of the Mogan Valley on the southwestern coast. It is the ‘Little Venice’ of the island with its network of canals and bridges. Puerto Mogan is resplendent in its peacefulness and quietness.

This area suits those holidaymakers looking for rest, relaxation, and solitude. Nightlife on this part of the island consists of serene dining in the regions many fine restaurants. It also includes casual drinks and unwinding in the numerous friendly bars.

The Old Town area is a myriad of alleyways and cottages, which climb the hillsides. It overlooks the New Town area and its bougainvillea adorned thoroughfares. Puerto Mogan is home to a pretty harbour and marina, fringed with lovely palm trees. Sheltered by rocky cliffs the beachfront where some tourists spend quite a bit of their time while on their Gran Canaria holidays is of dark volcanic sand.

Puerto Mogan offers tourists clear water, ideal for sailing, snorkelling and scuba diving. St. Andrew’s Church is an historical highlight of the town, with its impressive statues and carvings. The town also offers luxury hotels, whitewashed streets, and harbour restaurants with fresh sea fare. In addition, tapas bars line the promenade for satisfying island air appetites.


On the southern tip of Gran Canaria, Maspalomas is a beach lover’s haven. Known for its more than six kilometre stretch of exquisite soft sand, this area hosts its famous sand dunes. Shining under the sun, these sand dunes are an arid, desert-like acreage, resting next to a water-soaked seaside setting.

Maspalomas is also serenity and calm on Grand Canaria. Ideal for unwinding, the area has beachfront hotels and some of the tour operators have surprisingly cheap Gran Canaria holiday deals at times, which keep you close to sand, surf, and poolside siestas. Maspalomas is also about theme parks for the family and a wide selection of al fresco restaurants. Top it off away from the surf activities such as golf, and you have the makings of a well-rounded travel trip.

Playa Del Ingles

If you want hot days and hotter nights, then Playa Del Ingles is your destination. After enjoying time under the sun, nights here offer time under flashing neon lights. Music and dancing abound in Playa Del Ingles when the sun wanes and stars begin to appear.

This resort area is the largest on the island and is often the subject of late deals for cheap holiday in Gran Canaria deals, especially when combined with cheap Gran Canaria flights – it is more hustle and high-energy bustle than other areas. Clubs, pulsating rhythms, and vigorous party going are the modus operandi of this resort. Playa Del Ingles teems with boisterous bars offering cocktail happy hours. The nightclubs present the latest in popular dance music and the DJ personalities to go with them.

This area is also about shopping. Playa Del Ingles has inexpensive small stores and larger shopping centres to visit. Higher-end shopping is also available in the not-to-far-away capital Las Palmas, where designer boutique shops await you. For restaurants, this resort region runs the gamut from fast food and tapas, to cuisine that is more refined.

Puerto Rico

The town of Puerto Rico is about ‘everything’ for all ages. Catering to families the resort offers true golden sand sent from the Sahara Desert. It’s akin to experiencing two exotic locales in one. For holidaymakers, Puerto Rico on Gran Canaria also has two public swimming pools gracing the beachfront.

Nestled in a horseshoe bay between majestic cliffs Puerto Rico has water sports galore and a marina. From boating activities to a water-park and jet skiing, the areas activities definitely keep family members busy. Want to stay dry; engage in fairway or mini-golf, or bowling, and racquet sports for moving those muscles. Of course, the area abounds with a variety of shopping.

End a sun-drenched day in Puerto Rico with sumptuous dining at night. You will find culinary sensations to satisfy a plethora of tastes in the resort area’s eateries. Puerto Rico has a variety of pubs and nightclubs in their pedestrian area. At some of these locales, you can limber up those vocal chords with fun-filled nights of karaoke. Perhaps an area suited for family holidays in Gran Canaria.

Las Palmas

From any of the southern beach resorts you can visit the capital Las Palmas. Founded on June 24, 1478, the capital is the largest city in the Canary Islands. Christopher Columbus took respite here at the start of each of his voyages. His former home is now the Columbus Museum.

Las Palmas satisfies the cultural, historical, and exploratory nature of holidaymakers and tourists. In the city you can visit churches, and museums, and major shopping venues. In addition, there are the lively city commercial centres where local services and fare are available.

Another of the towns where tour operators often have cheap Gran Canaria holiday deals available, Las Palmas is located in the northeastern part of the island and incorporates two bays and their attendant beautiful beaches. The district of Vegueta is the oldest quarter of the town. Las Palmas has a good amount of Gran Canaria hotels and apartments. Its harbour Puerto de La Luz is a significant European port location.

The city of Las Palmas has their carnival period in January, February, and March. And the good news is that the weather in Gran canaria is really good then, ideal for a winter break. It’s a busy city full of Spanish tradition, atmosphere, history, and culture. The city is a worthwhile destination when looking for activities beyond the beach.

It’s certainly worth attending the concert that Gran Canaria plays for holidaymakers and tourists alike. The island’s unique ‘arias’, across all its ‘areas’ offers activities to suit all styles and tastes. Aural, visual, and other sensual delights are yours for the taking when you visit this glistening island in the sea.

We hope you enjoy your holiday and the Gran Canaria weather stays good for your visit.

2012 Gran Canaria Holidays

Date: Holiday
1 January New Year’s Day
6 January Epiphany
19 March Saint Joseph
1 April Maundy Thursday
2 April Good Friday
9 April Maundy Thursday
4 April Easter Sunday
5 April Easter Monday
1 May Labour Day
2 May Mother’s Day
25 July Saint James
15 August Assumption Day
12 October Spanish National Holiday
1 November All Saint’s Day
8 December Immaculate Conception
25 December Christmas Day
26 December St. Stephen’s Day
31 December New Year’s Eve


For 2012 Gran Canaria holidays there’s some exceptional deals around for the ideal Spanish island trip, and we hope to bring you more good cheap deals in the coming days and weeks for 2012 as well.