The UK's 10 Best Mini Breaks For The Kiddies

Finding mini breaks that for children and adults is easier than it used to be, with a host of parks and venues. What follows is a run down of 10 of the best:

Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle offers a unique experience for a family mini-break. Families can choose to stay in one of the Castle’s Tower Suites or a Woodland Lodge on site. Events vary through the year but during the peak season there are re-enactments and many other exciting events. Visit: (

Center Parcs

One of the best-known venues for short child-friendly breaks, Center Parcs is set within hundreds of acres of forest. There are boating lakes, trails, cycle routes and a host of child-friendly activities. Abseiling, archery, and many other activities are available. Accommodation is in private self-catering lodges. There are a large number of places to eat out. Flexibility allows a family to cater to its needs and moods. Find out more here: (

Forest holidays

Children of all ages will always find something to do in a forest. forestholidays offer nine locations from Scotland to the South West of England. The theme is peace and open-air activities at the family’s pace, with babies and toddlers welcome. Accommodation is in cabins, ranging from luxury to less expensive. Activities include forest exploration, mountain biking, kayaking, climbing and caving and activities led by Forest Rangers. Items such as high-chairs, cots and other larger items can be pre-booked to save transportation. More here: (

Paulton’s Park

Paulton’s Park in situated within the New Forest National Park in Hampshire and is home to Peppa Pig World which features its own 7 rides and attractions. There is a log flume, rollercoaster ride, a 4d cinema, attractive landscapes with animals, birds and gardens, as well as adventure golf and more. There’s no accommodation at Paulton’s Park but there are a number of family-friendly hotels close by Paultons park listed here, offering excellent accommodation at reasonable prices. Many are within a very short car or bus journey. Find more information here: (

Alton Towers

A major adventure park resort with three choices of accommodation: Enchanted Village Lodges and the Splash Landing and Alton Towers Hotels. Alton Towers offers so much that it is difficult to pack it into one day. Staying over offers down-time at the end of the first day and a refreshed, unhurried start to the second. There are various deals available (such as second day free) so check their website:( for up to date detail.

Legoland Windsor

Lego is as popular as ever with children from toddler to adolescent. Windsor’s Legoland is a great way to spend a break, but again, cramming everything into one day can be difficult and exhausting. Staying over at the Legoland Resort or a nearby hotel will reduce the strain and make for a great mini break. More detail here: (

Kielder Water and Forest Park

The forest Park is over 250 square miles and is home to the largest man-made lake in Northern Europe. Not surprisingly, riding, cycling, water sports, hiking and interacting with nature are what Kielder has to offer, as well as the Kielder Observatory which makes full use of the vast dark sky of the area and hosts spectacular shows and events with the night sky as theme. Accommodation is in lodges along the shores of the lake. More here: (

Chessington World of Adventures

With 10 theme ‘lands’ and over 1,000 animals in its zoo, Chessington offers another huge experience best spread over two days. New attractions include Pandemonium, with animatronic Pandas, Penguins of Madagascar, and the Amazu tree-top adventure featuring live monkeys. There are two on-site hotels. Information here: (

Bluestone National Park Resort

Situated in Pembrokeshire, Bluestone is the country’s only coastal national park. This is a great place to enjoy fabulous beaches and countryside with castles, walks, wildlife and history in the area. Within the resort, there are activities to suit most ages and the accommodation is in luxury lodges. More here:(

Other budget options

The Kiddieholidays website offers details of 12 holidays that they say won’t break the bank. These detail breaks ranging in location from the Isle of Wight to France.

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