Have better weekends! Explore Europe One Short Break at a Time

Have better weekends! Explore Europe One Short Break at a Time

It’s Friday night again and the weekend’s looming large. What are you going to do? You could round up your mates, go into town, crawl a few bars and have a few drinks, try a bit of chatting up, go clubbing, round the night off with a kebab and then sleep it all off in bed until lunchtime Saturday. Meh. Grab yourself an inexpensive short break to Greece this weekend and you could round up your mates, go into town, crawl a few bars and have a few drinks, try a bit of chatting up, go clubbing, round the night off with an authentic kebab and then sleep it all off on a lush beach drenched in Mediterranean sunshine. Result! Take our advice. Have better weekends. Explore Europe one short break at a time.

Cop an eyeful of Paris in France

Geddit? Eyeful… Eiffel? Suit yourself. Anyway, getting to Europe has never been easier and driving to France is an absolute doddle even if those Frenchies like to confuse things by driving on the wrong side of the road. Jump in the motor with your buddies, get yourself down to the Eurotunnel, drive on, whizz into France on the swanky Eurostar train, drive off and you’ll be munching on a baguette full of frogs legs and sipping on a cool biere before you can say la plume de ma tante. And the beauty of driving to France via the Eurotunnel is that once you’ve made it across the Channel you can get to almost anywhere in mainland Europe, which makes exploring Europe one short break at a time even easier.

Have it large in Spain

Driving to France, turning right and heading south for several hours will eventually bring you to the Spanish border, but you’re likely to be knackered unless you’re sharing the driving! A short weekend break in Spain is hard to resist though, and there are always cheap flights and accommodation to be had. And what’s not to like about all those superb Spanish beaches, hot sunshine and even hotter nightlife? Whether you’re having a blast in the Balearics or cooling off in the Costas, soaking up the sun with some saucy señors and señoritas has got to make for a better weekend than watching the X-factor, downing a microwave curry and heading out to your local. Hasn’t it?

Getta pizza the action in Italy

If you’re want a weekend of culture and romance (no, really) on a European short break, look no further than Italy. Roam about Rome’s ruins, take a punt on the canals of Venice (you’re guaranteed to be grabbed by the Gondoliers), have a pizza in Pisa or simply mill around Milan’s amazing malls – the choice is yours and once again it doesn’t have to be a city break. Italy has its fair share of fab beaches, gorgeous lakes and plenty of top ski resorts if you fancy going on the piste in the Italian Alps.

Bet you never thought of a weekend in Belgium?

The thing is, the Eurotunnel is your gateway to loads of great Europe short breaks. Start by driving to France, turn north at Paris and bish, bash, bosh you’ll be in Belgium in less than three hours. And there’s more to Belgium than Hercule Poirot, TinTin and a shedload of gorgeous chocolate. There are all of those awesome Belgian beers for starters, plus stacks of happening nightlife in cities such as Antwerp, Ghent and Bruges and loads of nice stuff to see and do, particularly if you’re of an historic bent (leave it).

For better or wurst, you can’t beat a weekend in Germany

If you though Germany was just about men in leather trousers wielding large sausages and slapping their knees well…. you’re only partially right. Germany has enough entertainment to fill at least a year of weekend breaks. Spend a weekend in Hamburg’s naughty Reeperbahn district and it’ll probably feel like a year. Then there’s the full-on but laid back city of Berlin, which is ten times the size of Paris and features entertainment to suit every taste. And we do mean every taste. And, let’s face it, if you only need one reason to visit Germany then it has to be Munich’s Oktoberfest which is cunningly held in September just to confuse everyone. But where else you swap your usual pint glass of lager for a stonking two-litre glass without anyone batting an eyelid.

And there’s more… much, much more…

Hang on a minute; we haven’t even covered the delights of Amsterdam and the Netherlands yet. Or Portugal. Or Hungary. Austria. The Czech Republic. Flippin’ heck, there’s a lot of Europe to get your head round. And it’s all out there waiting for you. Whether you drive through the Eurotunnel, fly, sail or even swim (not recommended) you need never have a dull weekend again – ever – when you explore Europe one short break at a time.

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