Ayia Napa Hotels

Ayia Napa Hotels

hotel in ayia napaAyia Napa is a mosaic of individual locations, each with its own pace and agenda. Choosing the right place to stay can have a big impact on your overall experience, and fortunately there is a place for everyone in Ayia Napa. Whether it is a full-on party scene hotel, a giant family resort or an intimate pension tucked into the town’s old quarter, there is a bewildering array of accommodation to choose from.

Most people come to Ayia Napa for the beach, and this is where the majority of the hotels and resorts are located. Nissa Beach is a perennial favourite for both its stunningly perfect beach and vast array of entertainment. Little shack bars form a border between the sand and Nissa Avenue, the town’s main coastal thoroughfare. This coast-hugging stretch is literally lined with resorts, mid-size hotels and apartment buildings. The hotels here tend to be noisier and more social than the resorts, but if it is fun and mingling you are after, there is no better spot than Nissa Avenue.

In the hills backing Nissa Beach, massive resorts provide a more sheltered environment that is better suited for families or older travellers. Places like Aeneas Hotel or Pavlo Napa Beach Hotel have huge swimming pools, tennis courts, poolside bars and other diversions right on site. Package tours always use these mega-resorts, and while certainly tourist-centred, they offer certain benefits over independent accommodation.

Close to the centre of Ayia Napa is Grecian Bay, which runs from the scenic little harbour for about a kilometre. There is a lively assortment of cafés, bars and little shops along the beach as well as a full range of water sports like banana boat rides and parasailing. The resorts right at the beach tend to be family-oriented, and the beach itself offers plenty in the way of activities for kids as well as mature visitors.

Makronisos Beach is another pleasant spot to find accommodation overlooking the sea. It is actually a series of three tiny bays to the west of Nissa that create calm and sheltered conditions ideal for vacationers in search of a quieter environment. Nissa Avenue runs past Makronisos as well as Landa Beach, providing homes for dozens of other fully-equipped resorts just inland from the water.

There is also plenty of accommodation within the town of Ayia Napa itself, ranging from large, resort-style hotel complexes to smaller, family-run pensions. Places like Napa Plaza are almost are spacious as the beachfront resorts and contain all the amenities like pools, fitness centres and tennis courts. The waterfront and Grecian Bay is a short walk from anywhere in town, and of course, the nightlife and dining around The Square is just a stone’s throw away.

Heading east from Ayia Napa, travellers can explore a couple of other impressive beach resort areas that are separate but still within easy striking distance of the fun in Ayia Napa. Protaras and Fig Tree Bay is the biggest and nearest hub, with 10 miles of beautiful coast and dozens of resorts, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. It is like a miniature version of Ayia Napa and a little less hyped.

There are some excellent hotels, resorts and vacation apartments in Protaras, many of which have impressive facilities for kids and families. Louis Agios Elias Village is one of the best for families. It features unique and entertaining attractions such as a kids’ club centre with a petting zoo, cinema and fun park. Virtually every hotel in Protaras features a swimming pool and some form of kid-friendly entertainment. But there are also plenty of nightclubs and bars that party hard along the beaches.

The summer holiday is certainly the busiest time of year in Ayia Napa, and visitors should book well in advance if planning a holiday in July or August. Being a pure tourist resort town, Ayia Napa offers excellent discounts and package deals on its hotels during the off-season periods to keep business flowing. Visitors willing to come during the shoulder seasons, just before and after the peak summer months, will find very good room rates, excellent weather and the bonus of fewer crowds filling the beaches, restaurants and bars.