Essential Information

Essential Information

ayia napa tourist informationAyia Napa lies within the Republic of Cyprus, so it uses the euro as its currency. Banks have ATMs that are usually connected to the main bank card networks of the UK and Europe for cash withdrawal, and credit cards are acceptable virtually everywhere in Ayia Napa. Cash can be exchanged in banks, major hotels as well as currency exchange bureaux scattered throughout the town.

While Greek and Turkish are the traditional languages spoken in Cyprus, English is widely understood in busy tourist destinations such as Ayia Napa. French and German are also frequently used in tourist areas. Hotels and restaurants levy a 10 per cent service charge on all bills, so tipping is not necessary but certainly appreciated.

As Cyprus is part of the European Union, any citizen of the EU is entitled to free healthcare in the event of an emergency. Be sure and carry your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) when travelling. Visitors from other countries are advised to purchase some form of travel insurance as hospital charges can be expensive on Cyprus. The strong Mediterranean sun is the main health concern in Ayia Napa. Dehydration after a night of partying and severe sunburn can wreck havoc on one’s health so be sure to drink plenty of water and moderate the amount of time in the sun.

The peak tourist season in Ayia Napa runs from May through September. Everything is open and bursting at the seams during the summer months, but in winter it is a different story. Most of the top nightclubs close from October to April, and many other attractions run on shorter opening hours. Ayia Napa is still a wonderful place to visit in winter but the party scene is notably more subdued.

Most visits to Ayia Napa are trouble-free for travellers. Petty crime such as theft is more likely to happen in a tourist hub like Ayia Napa, but is still an uncommon occurrence. Violence is even less likely, but be cautious around drunken people late at night. Cyprus has a zero tolerance stance on drug use, and those caught with drugs in Ayia Napa typically find themselves in serious trouble. Public drunkenness is less of an issue as long as it doesn’t turn violent or result in property damage.