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Ayia Napa Clubs

Ayia Napa Clubs

ayia napa clubsMove over Ibiza. Travellers looking for a new place to party under the Mediterranean sun are increasingly heading to Cyprus and its fantastic beach town of Ayia Napa. In the past few years, Ayia Napa has come to be known as one of the hottest spots in Europe to party on the sand with world-class DJs, live bands and a steady flow of A-list celebrities milling about its nightclubs.

From June through August, Ayia Napa hosts a steady stream of internationally-known DJs and live bands in all genres. This is the peak party season and visitors should expect crowded, rowdy and flirtatious conditions everywhere they go after dark. Dress codes are non-existent, so don’t be surprised to see dancers in bikinis, shirtless men and other sexy outfits. The action often spills out into the streets in certain corners of town where hot bars cluster together, like around Castle Club or Club Sin. The police presence is tolerant of public drinking and revelry as long as violence doesn’t rear its ugly head.

There is a set timeline for Ayia Napa’s nightlife that runs in three stages from sundown to sunup. After a sunset cocktail on the beach, most people head back to their hotels for a meal and nap to rest up for the long night ahead. Nothing really gets going until 22:00, when the free-entrance dance bars open, plying patrons with cheap alcohol and loud dance music. The music varies from hip hop to trance or ‘80s tunes played by mostly local DJs. These bars are not the main nightclubs, but rather more modest venues along the beach and scattered around the town centre.

At 01:00 the dance bars all shut down and the nightclubs open. These are the posh venues like Castle Club, Starskys and Aqua Club that charge a cover fee to get in and offer a noticeably more sophisticated and upscale partying environment. Drinks are more expensive and the clientele a bit more glamorous. But the upside is that famous DJs are often on hand to spin music during the summer months and the parties have the potential to become legend.

The nightclubs close by 05:00, but three venues keep the party going with exclusive after-party scenes that carry on until around 08:00 in the morning. The bottom line is Ayia Napa takes its partying seriously, so it is never a problem finding a place to drink and dance until the sun comes up. A couple of clubs like Aqua and River Reggae even have their own swimming pools so guests can make an easy transition from dance floor to poolside lounging, enjoying a breakfast and Bloody Mary to ease into another day on the beach.

Castle Club

The oldest and most famous of Ayia Napa’s many nightclubs is Castle Club. For 24 years, this huge venue has been the place to be and it is a popular as ever, regularly winning international accolades as one of the world’s best clubs. Castle Club is the largest nightclub in Cyprus, featuring 14 different bars, three separate music rooms, 15 DJs on staff every night and the island’s biggest outdoor terrace. From its opening date in mid-April, the Castle brings the best DJs and hottest dancers to show seven days a week until the end of the summer party season.

Black N’ White

Another well-established nightclub in the heart of Ayia Napa Town is Black N’ White, an urban music club right on The Square that exclusively plays hip hop, R&B, swing and soul. This is a music lover’s venue that has attracted some of the hottest DJs in Europe over the years since it opened in the 1980s. It features a live radio broadcast when particularly hot DJs are in the house. Black N’ White is open every night of week during the summer months and is a must-visit for anyone with a passion for real-vibe music.

Aqua Club

One of the top spots to carry on the party until day breaks is Aqua Club, a water-themed venue just two minutes from The Square in Pambos Magic Hotel. This place doesn’t even open until 03:00 but it is the hot spot for after-hours dancing, drinking and water frolicking. The club boasts an indoor swimming pool, changing rooms and fountains everywhere. It also has plenty of music, dance floors and chic modern bars where the water play and the dance floor overlap for a truly unique late night experience.

Club Ice

With a capacity for more than 1,500 people, Club Ice is one of Ayia Napa’s biggest party venues. It boasts a state-of-the-art sound and light system to create a world-class clubbing environment that has earned it the reputation as one of Europe’s hottest nightclubs. This is a pure party venue, with lots of special regular events like huge foam parties on the dance floor and major international music events such as television broadcasts and famous DJs. This underground club is packed, loud and rowdy.

Club Sin

Club Sin is one of the newest faces on the Ayis Napa party scene, and one of the only venues to bridge the gap between bar and nightclub. It opens at 22:00 as a bar, then transforms into a full-on nightclub after 01:00. Located right in the heart of Ayia Napa, Club Sin is a great place to get the night started. Its bar features drink flair experts and fire artists who create some of the coolest cocktails on the planet. The club’s musical agenda tries to avoid the usual pre-packaged commercial tracks, using its house DJs to pull out original sets every night.